Jumping Bean Coffee® was founded in 2005 by engineer and coffee lover, Jeff LeDrew. A long time home roaster, Jeff had tinkered with his roaster to not only create our signature tastes, but make the whole process more efficient overall. Deeply involved with community and charity work, Jeff created what would become the first Jumping Bean roast as part of a charity fundraiser for the Rotary Club. This “Rotary Roast” was so popular and demand for this premium coffee was so rich that Jumping Bean Coffee was soon formed.

Timeline of Jumping Bean Coffee

2005 – Jeff a part of Rotary, launches Rotary Roast as fundraiser
2005 – Jumping Bean founded and becomes first certified fair trade coffee roaster in Newfoundland
2005 – Fair trade organic coffee sold from single bin in an Oxfam store
2006 – Indpendent stores in St. John’s area begin to pick up coffee
2006 – Wholesale clients start to come online (restaurants, cafes, etc.)
2007 – Small retail location only at roaster
2007 – Begin custom roasting for whole clients – independent cafes in Newfoundland
2008 – Sobeys begins to stock and distribute Jumping Bean
2009 – Roaster expansion underway and ECO2Roast® in development
2009 – First cafe launched at Harvey Road (also our head office)
2009 – Costco begins to stock Jumping Bean after Atlantic Canadian Roadshows
2010 – ECO2Roast and new expanded roasting facility launched
2011 – National expansion efforts begin
2011 – Franchising program begins with cafes in Gander and Grand-Falls/Windsor
2011 – Cafe opens at Memorial Unversity and St. John’s International Airport through food service partners
2012 – Atlantic Canadian expansion through distribution at Sobeys, Coop, Costco, etc.
2013 – Target Canada picks up Jumping Bean on national scale
2014 – New cafes open at TD Place, Water Street, and TTCC
2015 – Development and launch of single serve Keurig compatible pods
2015 – First metro franchise at Elizabeth Avenue
2016 – New cafes launch at Hatcher House (Memorial Univeristy) and Atlantic Place
2016 – Loblaws stocks Jumping Bean pods at 260 stores out to Ontario
2016 – Join Canadian Franchise Association and become board member
2016 – BPI-certified 100% compostable single serve pods on store shelves
2017 – Now in Walmart, Loblaws, and Sobeys stores across Atlantic Canada