FAQs for New Compostable Pods

We’ve had a few questions over the last little while on how our BPI-certified 100% compostable, Keurig 2.0 compatible pods work, and to identify them in stores.

How can I tell which pods are compostable and which ones aren’t?

As we move from our 98% biodegradable pods to our 100% compostable pods, there may be times when both products are sharing space on the same shelf. Packages containing our 100% compostable pods are easily identified by the BPI logo and certification on the box (either in sticker form or as part of the box art) as illustrated below.


How does can your pod be 100% compostable?

The secret is in the brown chaff ring. Most pods currently on the market use a plastic ring to fit the Keurig machine and a plastic cup to hold the coffee grounds. Our pods use only vegetable matter: a soft pod made of compostable fabric, and a unique PURPOD100 ring made not of plastic, but of industrially compressed and shaped coffee chaff. Coffee chaff is the remains of discarded exterior of the coffee cherry which holds the coffee bean. This natural by-product of the roasting process is collected and combined with a natural adhesive to create a 100% compostable ring. See video below.


Where can your 100% compostable pods be purchased?

Besides our local retail cafe locations and franchises, our pods are currently making their way onto shelves at Sobeys and Walmart in Atlantic Canada, Loblaw and Dominion stores as far west as Ontario, and many CFIG retailers across the country. Online, our products can be purchased through, and,, and at our own online shop.