Compostable Pods

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Jumping Bean Coffee® is proud to be the first independently owned Canadian coffee company to implement the brand new PürPod100® compostable pod technology for use with our popular Keurig 2.0-compatible single serve pods. Made almost entirely of vegetable materials and by-products of the coffee roasting process, our pods are now BPI-certified as 100% compostable. We even created some fun videos to help get the word out! See them below or check out our YouTube channel by clicking here.

When we first got into the single serve coffee pod game, some people asked how a company renowned for its eco-friendly innovation could start buying in to a technology as wasteful and destructive as Keurig® machines. We had no fundamental problem with the idea of single serve, but the method of delivery just did not fit our core values of reducing waste and protecting our ecosystem. With our commitment to Fair Trade Organic and our propreitary ECO2Roast technology already online, only a fully compostable coffee product would suffice. Enter the the coffee chaff ring. 

100% compostable Jumping Bean pod

How does this technology work? Traditional K-Cups® have long used a plastic body, plastic ring, and foil or paper top. If people wanted to recycle the various elements of each pod, they had to peel off the paper for paper recycling, detach the ring and body for plastic recycling, and dump the coffee grounds into the compost bin. : the formerly plastic ring is now made of industrially compressed coffee chaff — a naturally occurring by-product of the coffee roasting process. Couple that with our already compostable fabric body and compostable paper top and your morning coffee experience now goes like this: brew coffee, drop pod in compost bin. Easy-peasy: the simplest, most guilt-free cup ever.


Remember, “compostable” is not “biodegrable”. Biodegradble just means a product will eventually break down, given enough time and exposure to the right circumstances. (In fact, virtually anything can be called “biodegradable”: from plant life to a 1993 Honda Civic.) But these pods are compostable: this means they completely break down in commercial composters in less than eight weeks and become clean dirt that can be reintegrated to the ecosystem. Unlike products that claim to be biodegradable, compostable coffee products end up as dirt, not landfill.

We believe that this move is a “no-brainer” — and that in a short few years the rest of the industry will follow. Until then, we encourage you to try our pods

You can purchase our new compostable pods at the following retailers:

Loblaws  (throughout Atlantic Canada and Ontario)
Sobeys (throughout Atlantic Canada)
Walmart (throughout Atlantic Canada)
Pipers, and other CFIG retailers

or order online from:

Single Jo Coffee

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