Jeff LeDrew

Jeff LeDrew was always a coffee lover and connoisseur.  He has an extensive educational and professional background in engineering.  As a Rotarian, what started as a hobby to roast and brew the perfect cup of coffee quickly turned into a successful fundraising initiative.  Jeff roasted and packaged all of the coffee at home using a crimping iron as a heat sealant.  A business idea was born and he now runs a successful line of cafés and has a commanding retail presence.  He has remained committed to the “Service Before Self” mantra coveted in his early days with Rotary and continues to support his local community through various charitable endeavours.  Fifteen years later, you can still find Jeff doing everything from deliveries, fixing Espresso machines, re-engineering the roasting process and always thinking, creating and inventing new ways for Jumping Bean to remain fresh and relevant.  And yes, he still has the infamous crimping iron!