Jumping Bean Coffee® was founded on the philosophy that innovation and careful consideration can change the world.

  • 1. Environmental Responsibility

    Our unique ECO2Roast process saves 85% of carbon emissions (a pound of carbon per pound of coffee); our certified organic coffees adhere to strict environmental standards; even our single serve pods are 100% compostable.

  • 2. Social Responsibility

    Fairtrade coffee wherever possible, ensuring foreign farmers are paid fair wages and work in humane conditions; all people in our supply and retail chains, from picker to barista, deserve respect and fair treatment.

  • 3. Local = Better

    Our coffee is roasted, packaged, and shipped from Newfoundland, Canada. Contributing to the local economy and labour market. Our cafes pride themselves on locally sourced materials and partnerships, as well as supporting arts and culture from various communities.

  • 4. Fresh Food, Fresh Coffee, Fresh Value

    Our menu items and catering options are all produced on site or locally, ensuring the freshest, most diverse set of options available; lunch specials are priced reasonably providing economical gourmet soup and sandwich options.

  • 5. Diversity in Product Offerings

    Our coffee portfolio consist of the following segments; Whole Bean, Ground, Single Serve (Available in: Signature Blends, Single Origin, Fairtrade, Organic, and Flavoured)

    In addition we have a full line of loose leaf and packaged teas, and a selection of original gourmet food and snack offerings at our cafes

  • 6. Community Involvement

    We provide many in-kind charitable donations and volunteer hours per year; we offer community gathering spaces for groups; we engage with the public and arts communities through performances, art openings, and readings in our venues; we engage online communities through social media and other outlets.

  • 7. Service-Before-Self

    Every Jumping Bean employee follows this motto to ensure the best customer experience possible.