Freshness Overwraps?

By |2021-06-16T11:57:42-02:30April 9th, 2021||

Freshness wrappers are a packaging film that act as an outer barrier against oxygen, and other factors that cause staleness. Like many packaging products that require barrier properties (cereal, [...]

How do I compost my pods?

By |2021-06-17T10:13:32-02:30April 9th, 2021||

Once you’re finished brewing your coffee, you can compost the entire pod (without breaking it apart), simply by placing it in the food waste container used in your community [...]

What is BPI certified compostable?

By |2021-06-17T10:17:30-02:30April 9th, 2021||

BPI® (Biodegradable Products Institute) is an association that was established to provide testing, education and promotion of compostable products. BPI® ensures that any product that carries its logo meet [...]

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